I can’t download my files
If nothing happens when you click the link, there might be a problem with your browser. You can try a different browser if you have one, or disable any extra add-ons or toolbars you have installed in the past, and try again.

I can’t find the pdf files on my computer
You can search your computer for a zip file or by the object you ordered. You can also download them again when you sign in to your account for a limit of 3 times.

I have not received my file.
Check the “Orders” tab in your “My Account” and check the status of your order. Only when this is complete, you will find your files in the “Downloads” tab.


How do I print a pdf file?
You can open the pdf file with your web browser and print it from there or download Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free.
for all users: get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions
for mac users only: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

Can I print with other paper weight?
Yes you can.
Paper weight is all about the papers density! If the paper is very thin, some projects will not be steady, and if too thick they will not fold or stick easily.
The standard weight of office copy paper found in office printers or photocopiers, is 80 gsm (20 lb bond or 50 lb uncoaded text).
Some offices use heavier weight paper ranging from 90 gsm – 120 gsm (24-32 lb) for formal correspondence.

For all projects, 160 gsm white copy paper (60 lb cardstock) is recommended for best results. It is more solid, steady, the projects last longer, look more professional, you can make a neat fold and the paper does not wrinkle from the glue. In some cases, the printing result may be much better!
Make sure your printer can use 160 gms of paper. If not, use a lighter paper.

We strongly recommend that you test papers and see what is best for you!

Why is the printing result different from the screen?
Colors change according to the printer and the paper you use.

How do I give the files to a printing shop?
The best way is to upload/download them with a computer or use a USB stick. Keep in mind that upload/download files from cell phones or tablets, may decrease the quality of the files.


What if I can only find US Letter paper?

You can always order A4 paper from an online e-shop.

All of the projects are designed to fit on an A4 sheet of paper (A4: 21×29,7cm is 8.26×11.69 inches). Some objects, however, will fit on the page and can be printed without being scaled down. These are the following: gift tags, gift bag, cutlery and napkin rings, pocket for small disposable cups, cupcakes/muffins wraps,  cupcakes/muffins decoration, small water bottle labels, medium and big chocolate wrappers and the juice box wrapper. In this case, the “instructions” or the “you will need” will not be cropped. You can view them from your screen or just print one copy of that page scaled down (in Adobe Acrobat, go to Print panel –> Page Sizing –> Custom Scale 90%).

You should downscale the page at the printing panel when using US Letter paper size for the rest of the objects. 90% Custom Scale will do. Keep in mind that when you downscale your file, all of the objects in it will shrink by about 10%. Some printouts may not fit/wrap around the items you wish to decorate. Small and large cup wrappers, cupcake wrappers, water label, small/medium/large chocolate wrapper, thank you tag, and juice wrapper are examples.

Can I use something else instead of glue?
Of course, you can use sticky tape (adhesive tape), double sided tape or a stapler to do your creations.

What kind of glue shall I use?
Any paper glue will do, make sure it’s non toxic, at least for the creations that have to do with food e.g. toothpick flags.

Can I use other materials or equipment from the ones suggested?
Of course. Use your imagination, experiment and enjoy! I have made some alternative suggestions which you might find useful:

Any computer. No alternative for this! Tablets and smart phones do not work always well with pdf files. They may decrease the file quality and the files are not editable.

For printing pdfs: I strongly suggest Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download a free version form Adobe.
for all users: get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions
for mac users only: https://get.adobe.com/reader/
Alternatively, a program that opens pdfs, e.g. your web browser might work for you.

For printing: a color printer (laser or inkjet) – the better the printer, the better the printing result! If you don’t have a printer you could print at your local print shop.

Paper: white A4 printing paper recommended weight 160 gsm (43 lb). Less than 120 gr/m² (32 lb) will not have a good result in some projects. You can always experiment with different paper weight, or color!

For cutting: Scissors / cutter – cutting mat – ruler

For sticking together: paper glue / stapler / double sided tape / adhesive tape

For neat folding: bone folder / back side of cutter / flat knife / finished pen / metal tip of a mechanical pencil / old credit card

For making holes: single hole puncher / sharp object e.g. pen / a sharpened pencil / tip of mechanical pencil / fork

For writing: pencil / pen / color marker

For bag handles and tags: Thin ribbon / thin rope / yarn / polyester string / paper string / cotton string

Only for hat: thin elastic

Only for fan: popsicle sticks

Only for toothpick flags: toothpicks (wooden or plastic)

Only for straws: normal size paper or plastic drinking straws recommended

Only for chocolate bars: you may need kitchen aluminum foil


Are these printables easy to make?
Yes, most of them are very simple. You can view the video of the making procedure from the project you are interested in to make sure it’s something you can do (you will find the video at the projects description, one step before you add it to your basket).

Can I order a theme?
Yes, we accept special orders occasionally. Please send us an e-mail with your request and we will let you know if it’s possible.

Can I use the templates for commercial purposes?
Only after written permission and paying for commercial use. If interested, please send your detailed request with e-mail.