DIY party creations templates will help you create beautiful party decorations that all your guests will remember. They are perfect for parties, special occasions, seasonal festivities, all year round.

Most of the projects are perfect for DIY beginners. A color printer, white copy paper, scissors and paper glue are the basic things you need to get started. You may need more supplies, depending on the project, most of which you already may have in your home or office! There are always alternatives for most materials and equipment (see FAQ).

Videos for all projects will be available soon. Use the filters to to help you make the right selection quickly.

1st step: Choose a party theme. The filters are very helpful!
2nd step: Add it to your basket and make your purchase.
3rd step: You will receive an order confirmation e-mail, and once your purchase is complete, you will be able to sign in to your DIY Party Creations account and download your file/s.
4th step: Print the files as many times you wish!
5th step: Follow the instructions that are on the same page of the template.