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    I’ve been making brownies since I was 10 years old and have tried many delicious brownie recipes from cookbooks, friends and the internet, which I’ve
  • Super easy soft homemade play dough in 15 minutes!

    I have tried many recipes for homemade play dough. Most of them didn’t work out for me very well. Some were hard to knead, others
  • How to Organize an Easter Egg Hunt or a Treasure Hunt

    The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, Easter is almost here. There is nothing more exciting than organizing an egg hunt or a treasure
  • The dog with the spots… The adorable Dalmatians!

    These extremely energetic canines are friendly, intelligent, playful, and sensitive. They originally came from the Dalmatia region at the south of Croatia in Europe. Originally,
  • Do you know where the paisley pattern design came from?

    I’ve always assumed that the paisley pattern was desiged for clothing by popular fashion companies. That is only partially correct.   It’s originally Persian and it’s