Merry Christmas

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  • Blue Sky with Snowflakes Party Banner with “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Flags

    Use the letters to make a "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Party Banner with flags. It’s easy to make! The file includes all "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" letters in capital and a flag with "!". Final flag size 11,5×17,9 cm – 4.52×7 inch. Numbers & symbols can be found at the 123 Party Banner template. After you've completed your purchase, you'll be able to download a zipped pdf file containing 5 printable pages (size A4) with "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Party Banner templates and instructions. Each A4 page has 3 flags. The "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Party Banner templates pages and photo of an ABC Party Banner constructed are shown in the images. No physical item will be sent by post. Download, Print and Create!
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