The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, Easter is almost here. There is nothing more exciting than organizing an egg hunt or a treasure hunt for parents, children or even for both! 

It could take place anywhere. It can be in a single room, a house, a garden, a park, a school or even an entire village! 

Plan ahead and set a date. Make it appear to be a big event or better yet, make it one. Make your Easter baskets, stock up on chocolate eggs and candy. Locate the hunting area and the hiding spots you intend to use. Write the treasure hunt clues. Decorate! Make it appear as if there is a party going on!

Evaluating the group of people involved is very helpful in deciding how many hiding places you may need, how well the eggs should be hidden and the size of the hunting area.

To make things easier for you, I’ve created printable basket and egg templates that you can print for free. Print the pages as many times necessary. Simply fill out the form below and you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the printable file containing both pages. Here’s a link to a video showing how to make the basket.

If you want to take the event to the next level, click on the following links to find more printable easter themed templates to decorate your hunting area:
Easter Bunnies
Floral Easter Eggs


How to Organize an Easter Egg Hunt

1. Print a basket for each player. 

2. Cut the paper eggs out. You will need 10-20 per person. If you want the hunt to last longer, use more. Along with the paper eggs you could use real boiled eggs, chocolate eggs, plastic eggs filled with candy, jelly beans or any other candy. You could also include a well-hidden golden egg with a special prize. 

3. Choose a hunting location and a large number of safe hiding places. 

4. Set the date and invite your players.

5. Hide the eggs the day of the event and keep track of where you put them.

6. If the players are not of the same age, divide them into teams to ensure fairness. 

7. Set rules such as, the winner being the person who finds the most eggs or the golden egg or the first person to get 10 eggs or the person who finds the most eggs within a certain time limit, or who finds eggs of a specific color.

8. Assist children who are having trouble finding eggs. They’re all supposed to have a good time.


How to Organize an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

1. Make clues. The clues could be pictures, puzzles, riddles, rymes with missing words and anything else you can think could be used as clues. If you search the term “treasure hunt clues” on the internet, you will find lots of clues and riddles for an indoor or outdoor treasure hunt.

2. Cut out the paper eggs. 

3. Decide where the hunting area will be and the route with its hiding places.

4. Write the clues on the white side of the printed eggs and number them so that the hunters don’t miss any.

5. With each hidden clue, you could include a small prize, one for each hunter, or something they could share. The final clue always has the larger prize; after all, it’s the treasure!

6. Set the date and invite the hunters.

7. On the day of the event, keep the first clue and hide the rest without missing a step, as well as the treasure!

8. The hunters need to stay in a group and move all together. Set rules if necessary.

9. Give the first clue to the youngest player… and let the hunt begin!

Have a great time!!!

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    My name is Artemis, I was born in Paisley, Scotland and I live in Greece with my family in a friendly neighborhood south of Athens.

    I have been working as a freelance graphic designer for more than 20 years for various companies and on many different types of creative projects, such as logos, stationary, books, brochures, posters, and many more.

    About 10 years ago I had an idea to create a do-it-yourself website for those who wish to decorate a party from the comfort of their own home. Party decorations for all ages and for all occasions!

    I had put it aside for a while until… my daughter asked for a party theme I could not find, so here I am, creating templates and themes, making videos, photo shooting and bringing them together to create!

    I’d also like to introduce you to the people that helped me with my first steps. My husband, Christos, with his valuable guidance and research, Mirto’s excellent programming skills who made this project come together and last but not least, my daughter Alexandra, who is my strictest judge, greatest critic and most fanatic supporter! All contributed to the success of this project.

    I’m excited to share my organizing tips, templates, games, recipes, crafts and more that I’ve used successfully at events and parties for many years.

    If you like organizing or doing things from scratch, you are at the right place! I’ll try to make it as simple as possible for everyone and share things I’ve tried firsthand.

    I hope to help you plan beautiful events with as little stress as possible, on a budget you can afford, and so that your guests can enjoy and appreciate everything you’ve planned for them with your own personal touch!

    Please let me know what you think, and send me pictures of your accomplishments!

    Create memorable events and have fun doing it…

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    It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s new, it’s creative, it’s … I’d really like to tell you a little bit about the DIY Party Creations e-shop which sells digital templates for decorating every kind of party.

    DIY party creations create paisley pattern templates design steps

    Designing steps for creating a Paisley pattern for the templates

    I’ve been sketching and creating everything from scratch in order to bring you something fresh, original and new for your party decorations. It has also been so much fun selecting the best images from image banks for a several themes in order to bring in a new style of artwork.

    After researching the requirements of various party decorations, I came up with a large list of decorating objects. I needed to condense my list, so I decided to create this collection of 28 templates for 25 different decorating objects. This big variety of templates may meet all needs for any event.

    DIY party creations create paisley pattern templates design steps

    DIY party creations | Paisley pattern templates

    The majority of the templates are simple enough for beginners or young children to create with minimal assistance. A color printer, white copy paper, scissors and paper glue are all you’ll need to get started. Additional materials, most of which you usually have in your home or office, may be required depending on the project. Most materials and equipment may be substituted (see FAQ for alternative list).

    I hope you enjoy putting these templates together as much as I did creating them!


    So How Does it Work?

    • First visit and choose a party theme.

    • Then, add the templates you want to use to decorate your party with to the basket and complete your purchase

    • You will be able to download the purchased file/s from your account as soon as the payment is completed

    • Print the file/s as many times you wish!

    • Gather any extra materials you may need to create your templates

    • Follow the instructions that are on the same page of each template


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